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Hello everyone. I hope this finds all of you well, safe, and staying warm in this frigid winter weather!


We are living in a new normal and I am afraid it is going to be some time before that changes. With that said, the Post will be closed until further notice. Although we won't be able to enjoy spending time together in the building, drive-up dinners will continue to be on the menu! Be sure to visit the calendar for the current menu.

As we all do our best to navigate through a much smaller perimeter these days, I thought I'd take a moment to share some "fun facts" about this beautiful area we call home. Did you know.....

LaGrange County

  • LaGrange County was named after the home of Revolutionary War hero, the Marquis de la Fayette, outside of Paris, France.

  • LaGrange County's initial settlers were Yankee immigrants, that is to say they were from New England and were descended from the English Puritans who settled that region in the colonial era. They were part of a wave of New England settlers moving west into what was then the Northwest Territory after the completion of the Erie Canal.

  • The LaGrange County Courthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. 

  • The town of LaGrange was platted in 1836 and settled in 1842 as the new county seat, closer to the center of the county.

  •  In 1844, the first Amish came from Pennsylvania to settle around the old town. The village continued to grow and the town of Shipshewana was platted nearby in 1899 and incorporated in 1916 in Newbury Township.


  • Shipshewana was named after a local Potawatomi Indian. The Shipshewana post office was established in 1889.

  • It is the location of the Menno-Hof Amish & Mennonite Museum, which showcases the history of the Amish and Mennonite peoples.

  • Shipshewana is the only Indiana site listed in 1,000 Places to See Before You Die.


  • Topeka is a town in Clearspring and Eden townships, LaGrange County,  approximately 11 miles south of Shipshewana.

  • Topeka is home to Faron Yoder, the star of the Rumspringa documentary made in 2002 entitled "Devil's Playground".

  • Topeka was likely so named because the landscape reminded settlers of Topeka, Kansas.


  • Wolcottville was laid out in 1849. It was named for George Wolcott, who started a sawmill at the site in 1838.

  • Ken Kercheval was an American actor best known for his role as Cliff Barnes on the 1980s television series Dallas and its 2012 revival. He was born in Wolcottville on July 15, 1935, and died of pneumonia in Clinton, Indiana on April 21, 2019 at the age of 83.

Other Interesting Tidbits

  • Corn School is a festival and one of few street fairs still in existence, that takes place in downtown LaGrange, Indiana in the first week of October every year. Begun in 1906, it was originally started as a one-day festival for boys in the local corn growing classes to show off their products. The festival has gone from a simple harvest awards day to a week-long celebration with carnival rides, games, talent shows, food vendors, parades, and still traditionally; the vegetable awards. Crafts and canned goods are displayed in the public library. The Corn School Queen is crowned every year, and local businesses still contribute prizes.

  • In recent years, average temperatures in Lagrange have ranged from a low of 14 °F in January to a high of 82 °F in July, although a record low of −28 °F was recorded in December 2000 and a record high of 104 °F was recorded in June 1988. Average monthly precipitation ranged from 1.76 inches in February to 4.17 inches in June.


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